Understanding AI Limitations, Features, and Usage Tracking

This page provides detailed information about AI limitations, AI-listed features, usage tracking mechanisms, and answers to frequently asked questions. It will help you navigate and understand the different AI features available in your plan, how usage is tracked, and what to expect with the new pricing plans.

AI Limitations

Your plan includes a set number of uses for AI-powered features each month. If you reach your quota, you can upgrade your plan to continue enjoying these features. For more detail on what each Descript plan offers, visit our pricing page. If you are on a legacy plan, click here for additional information.

Key Points:

  • Usage limits are applied per user and are not pooled across the drive.
  • Basic seats do not get AI uses; AI features are available only for editor seats.
  • If an AI feature fails to process, users may need to contact support to get a credit for the file or action manually.

AI-Listed Features

AI features are divided into several categories, each with specific limitations and behaviors. Here’s an overview of the AI features and how they are tracked:

Quota Type Features
Underlord Basic AI Suite
  • Studio Sound
  • Green Screen
  • Filler Word Removal
  • Shorten Word Gaps
  • Edit for Clarity
  • Remove Retakes
  • Add Chapters
  • Automatic Multicam
  • Image Generation (1 use = 4 images generated, including generating variations)
  • Center Active Speaker
  • Repurpose Media Options(Create Clips, Highlights, etc)
  • Publish Options (Draft Social/Blog Posts, Show Notes, Summarize, etc)
  • Write Options (Draft Script/Outline, Brainstorm, Rewrite, etc)
  • Custom Prompts
Underlord Advanced AI Suite
  • Eye Contact
  • Translate
Professional AI Suite
  • Translation with Correction (Captions and Dubbing)
AI Speech
  • Text-to-speech (TTS)
  • Regenerate & Overdub
Dubbing Minutes
  • Dubbing Minutes
  • Translate Speech (Autodubbing of Audio and Video)

Usage Tracking

Here's a an overview of how usage tracking works for different AI features:

  • 1 use = # of files the effect gets applied to (e.g., Studio Sound, Green Screen).
    • Note: We track usage immediately before sending the request for processing. This means you will be charged even if the effect fails. Contact support, and they can manually credit for these failed uses.
  • 1 use = 1 “Submit” for actions like Edit for Clarity, Remove Retakes, etc.
  • Text-to-speech (TTS): The length of generated AI speech counts towards TTS minutes.
  • Regenerate & Overdub: 1 use = 1 submission/accepted regeneration.

In-App Icons and Callouts

In-app icons and callouts are thoughtfully placed throughout the app to keep you informed about your usage and limits. They help you stay aware of your current usage and guide you on how upgrading your plan can provide more access when you're approaching or exceeding your quotas.

Key Points:

  • In-app callouts alert you when you are approaching your quota.
  • They do not decrement usage themselves but provide information on usage limits.
  • Upgrading through these callouts can help you continue using the needed features without interruption.

With the introduction of these visual alerts and notifications, you now have a more interactive way to monitor your usage. These alerts include icons and notifications that help you stay informed about your quota status.

Visual Alerts:

    • Hourglass: Indicates that you are close to reaching your limit. You may see this notification when you have 3 uses left before reaching your quota.
    • Lock: Indicates that you have hit your limit and the feature is locked. Once you reach 0 uses left, the feature will lock, and you must upgrade your plan to continue using it.
    • Lightning Bolt: Indicates that the feature is not available with your current plan type. If you see this icon, it means the feature requires a plan upgrade, and you'll have the option to upgrade your plan to access it.

These enhancements ensure you have clear and timely information about your usage, helping you make informed decisions about upgrading your plans to continue enjoying the full benefits of the Descript's AI features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How are AI uses tracked?

AI uses are tracked per user. Each editor has a quota, and usage is not pooled across the drive. Basic seats do not get AI uses.

Do my usage limits refresh each month?

Some plans' usage limits are designed to refresh every month in alignment with your billing cycle. This means that at the beginning of each new billing cycle, your quota for AI features and other usage limits will reset, providing you with a fresh allocation of resources to use for that month. This automatic refresh ensures consistent access to the features and tools you need without any long-term limitations, allowing you to fully utilize your plan's capabilities each month.

What happens if an AI feature fails to process a file?

If an AI feature fails to process, you will still be tracked for its use. You may need to contact support to get credited back for these uses.

How are quotas affected by plan changes?

Quotas are tracked separately for Free and Paid users. When you upgrade your plan, your quota will reset based on the new plan's limits. If you downgrade, the new plan's quota will take effect at the end of the billing cycle. This applies to paid plans only. If you upgrade to a paid plan and then downgrade back to a free plan, the quota for the free plan will remain the same as it was before the upgrade.

How do I know how many uses I have left?

If applicable, you will see upgrade icons and callouts informing you about your usage limits. They do not decrease usage but alert you when you are approaching their quota.

What changes are coming for legacy plans?

Legacy plans will retain their current functionality and pricing. The Free plan will see significant changes, including usage limits on AI features. For a detailed comparison of new and legacy plans, including specific features and pricing, please refer to Understanding Your Legacy Plan.

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