Understanding Your Legacy Plan

As we introduce new subscription plans, we want to ensure you can continue accessing the features and benefits you rely on with minimal disruption. That's why we've created legacy plans, which allow you to maintain your current pricing and core feature set, including existing limits, if you subscribed before July 2, 2024. While there will be some minor changes, such as updated plan names and usage limits on Underlord's AI features that recently moved out of beta, we're committed to providing you with a smooth transition and ongoing support.

This article will guide you through the details of your legacy plan, the changes you can expect, and how to maintain your legacy status.

Keeping Your Legacy Plan

When you continue with your legacy plan, you maintain access to the generous feature limits and pricing you've come to expect from us. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Stability of Service: Your pricing and billing cycle will remain unchanged as long as you stay on your current legacy plan.
  • Adding and Removing Members: You can add or remove members under the same terms you currently enjoy.
  • Updating Member Roles: You can downgrade or update members if needed.
  • Add Transcription Hours: You can still add transcription hours at $2/hour.
  • Resume Subscription: If you've decided to downgrade but change your mind before the end of the billing cycle, you can remove scheduled downgrades to resume your legacy plan.
  • Conditions: To keep these benefits, please ensure you do not switch to a new plan or miss a payment, as this could lead to a downgrade from your legacy status.
  • Billing Cycle: You cannot change your billing cycle between monthly and annual pricing.

If you decide to change your current plan and switch to a new plan, please be aware that you will permanently lose access to your legacy plan. This change is final and cannot be undone. Carefully consider this decision, as there is no way to revert to your legacy plan once the switch has been made.

Editor Collaborator Limitations

In addition to transcription, any Underlord actions (see our pricing page for those details) can only be initiated by editor members of the Drive and cannot be accessed by teammates with edit access on the project.

Plan Name Changes

As part of our initiative to streamline and improve our service offerings, we’ve renamed our plans to reflect better the value and capabilities they provide. Here is how the plan names have been changed:

  • Creator Plan is now Hobbyist (Legacy)
  • Pro Plan is now Creator (Legacy)
  • EDU/NFP Plan will be renamed EDU/NFP (Legacy)

This renaming helps clarify the distinctions between each plan level, ensuring you can easily understand what each plan offers and how it fits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I switch my plan or miss a payment?

Switching your plan or missing a payment can result in losing your legacy status. This change would move you to a new plan structure with different features and pricing.

Can I add new members to my legacy plan?

Yes, you can add new members to your legacy plan without affecting your current terms. New members will be added under the same feature set and pricing as existing members on the plan.

Can I add the new Viewer seat to my legacy plan?

No. Legacy plans will only have the option to add or remove basic and editor seats.

Do I keep my existing Basic members when transitioning to a Business plan?

Yes, upon transitioning to the business plan, you will keep your existing basic members.

When transitioning to non-legacy plans, what happens to my Basic members?

Upon transitioning to non-legacy plans, your Basic members are automatically converted to Viewer members with view/comment permissions only. See drive membership types.

Where can I find more details about the new plan offerings?

Please visit our current plans and pricing page for a detailed overview of our new and updated plans.

For details of existing legacy plans, please see the table below:


Hobbyist (Legacy)

EDU/NFP (Legacy)

Creator (Legacy)

Transcription Hours (per editor) 10 hr/mo 4 hr/mo 30 hr/mo
Multi-language Transcription 23 languages 23 languages 23 languages
Detect Speakers
Multitrack Transcription
Transcription Glossary
Projects Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Dynamic Captions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Custom Font Upload
AI Features
Studio Sound Up to 60m files Up to 60m files Unlimited
Green Screen Up to 60m files Up to 60m files Unlimited
Eye Contact Up to 60m files Up to 60m files Unlimited
Filler word removal “Um” & “Uh” only “Um” & “Uh” only 18 repeated & filler words
Shorten word gaps Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
(Basic AI Suite)
20 uses/mo 20 uses/mo Unlimited
Edit for clarity
Remove retakes
Add chapters
Automatic Multicam
Image generation
Center active speaker
Repurpose media: Create clips, highlights
Publish: Draft social/blog posts, show notes, summarize
Write: Draft script/outline, Brainstorm, Rewrite
Custom prompts
(Advanced AI Suite)
0 uses

0 uses

(Professional AI Suite)
0 uses 0 uses 0 uses
Translation with correction (captions and dubbing)
AI Speech
Text-to-speech 1,000 word vocabulary for AI voice cloning 1,000 word vocabulary for AI voice cloning Unlimited vocabulary
Regenerate & Overdub 1,000 word vocabulary for Overdub 1,000 word vocabulary for Overdub Unlimited Overdub vocabulary
Remote Recording
Remote hours (per editor) 10 hr/mo 10 hr/mo 30 hr/mo
Separate audio and video tracks
Shows 5 5 Unlimited
Integrations 2 2 Unlimited
Mainstage participants 10 10 10
Backstage participants 10 10 10
Iso and Mix audio tracks
Video and screen recording
Use Descript stock templates
Create and share custom templates
Premium stock library
Search result limitations First 12 results First 12 results Unlimited
Live collaboration
Basic seats
Media Uploads
Advanced media formats (ProRes, Quicktime RLE)
File upload up to 50GB
File resolution up to 5k
File bitrate up to 1gbps
Export & Publish
Watermark-free export Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Video export resolution 4k 4k 4K
Video publish resolution 1080p 1080p 4K
Video publishing duration 1 hour 1 hour 3 hours
Audio export duration Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Shareable pages and links Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Batch file export
White-labeled publish pages
Timeline export
Cloud storage limit 100 GB 100 GB 1 TB
Management & Security
Custom drive and page branding
Self-serve knowledge base
Email support
Priority support (with SLA)
In-app live chat support

Need Help or More Information?

For more detailed information on each feature or if you have specific questions, please visit our comprehensive FAQ section or contact our support team.

Thank you for continuing your journey with us. We are committed to providing you with the tools and features you need to succeed, and we appreciate your loyalty and creativity.

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