Adding more transcription hours to your account

Each month, you are able to automatically transcribe a certain amount of hours based on your plan. There are a few different ways you can increase your monthly limit, each tailored to your workflow. This article will discuss the different ways you can add monthly transcription time to your drive.

Viewing your available transcription hours

You can view your subscription from your account settings. Each Descript plan comes with a base amount of monthly transcription hours. See the pricing page for more information.

Ways to increase your transcription limit

Upgrade your plan
If you would like to increase your monthly transcription hours, consider upgrading your drive subscription to a Creator (10 hours per month) or Pro plan (30 hours per month). Upgrading your drive will also give you access to additional features
Increase your monthly transcription hours

If you’re looking for add transcription hours to your CreatorPro, or a Non-profit or Education plan, you can increase your monthly transcription limit at $2 per hour. If you have a Free plan, you cannot purchase additional monthly hours, but you can upgrade your plan.

How to increase my transcription limit

  1. Sign into your account from the app or the web, then select your profile picture in the top right corner of the Drive view.
  2. Select Settings icon Settings.
  3. Select the Subscription tab. If you have access to other drives, make sure to switch to the correct drive.
  4. Select Edit on the Subscription line.
  5. Adjust your transcription limit.
  6. Select Update.

Descript app settings panel with numbered steps for adding transcription hours

Add editor seats to your drive 
Inviting a collaborator to your drive as an editor member will increase your monthly automatic transcription hours. For each new editor, you'll receive an extra 10 hours (Creator plan) or 30 hours (Pro plan). The total pooled transcription hours are shared amongst all editors and the drive owner. Learn more about drive members.
Purchase a one-time boost
You can purchase a one-time boost of transcription time at $2.50 per hour. This can be helpful when you have a backlog of content coming through the pipeline. Please contact support to purchase a one-time boost of transcription hours.

Does unused transcription time roll over?

  • One-time boost minutes roll over.
  • Monthly plan minutes don't roll over. For example, if you're on the Creator plan with 10 hours/month and add 2 extra hours to your monthly limit, you'll start each billing cycle with 12 transcription hours.
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