Project file actions

You can interact with files from the Media library by selecting the Vertical ellipses icon.png Ellipsis button next to the project file name.

Project file actions in the Media library

Note that some options only appear for certain types of project files:

Action Description
Rename Change a file’s name.
New composition from file Create a new composition in your project with the selected file.
Create sequence Combine multiplied selected files into a sequence.
Insert into script Adds your file to the script track of the current composition.
Add new layer Adds your file as a new layer in the current composition.
Detect speakers

Run speaker detection to apply speaker labels to the file using AI; you can re-run detect speakers if needed.

Detect filler words

Run remove filler words to detect and remove filler words from your composition using AI.

Convert to mono

Create a new mono audio file from a stereo audio project file; the original file will be preserved

Separate into mono files

Create a left and right mono audio file from a stereo audio project file; the original file will be preserved

Normalize audio Adjust the overall gain or volume level of a file.
Replace Replace the file or replace the transcript.
Repair file Repair improperly encoded files. Click here to learn more.
Create optimized asset Only available when you disable optimized video file for playback. Manually creates an optimized asset.
Import transcript Import and sync an existing transcript with its corresponding audio.
Transcribe file / Re-transcribe file Transcribe the file’s audio; note that re-transcribing a file will count towards your monthly transcription rate limit.
Copy file to Finder (Mac) / Copy file to Explorer (Windows) Download the project file to your computer.
Delete Delete the project file from your project.
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