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Project file actions

You can interact with files from the Media Library by selecting more actions or Vertical_ellipses.png next to the project file’s name.



Note that some options only appear for certain types of project files:

Action Description
Rename Change a file’s name
Transcribe file / Re-transcribe file Transcribe the file’s audio; note that re-transcribing a file will count towards your monthly transcription rate limit.
Create composition from file Create a new composition in your project with the selected file
Create multitrack sequence Combine multiplied selected files into a sequence
Detect speakers

Run speaker detection to apply speaker labels to the file using AI; you can re-run detect speakers if needed.

Apply Studio Sound Apply Studio Sound noise reduction and voice enhancement to the file’s audio
Normalize audio Adjust the overall gain or volume level of a file
Convert to mono Create a new mono audio file from a stereo audio project file; the original file will be preserved
Separate into mono files Create a left and right mono audio file from a stereo audio project file; the original file will be preserved
Replace Load in a new file and delete the old one project file (More info)
Import transcript Import and sync an existing transcript with its corresponding audio
Order white glove transcription Purchase a human transcription
Open in new window View the project file details in a separate window
Copy file to Finder (Mac) / Copy file to Explorer (Windows) Download the project file to your computer
Delete Delete the project file from your project
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