Replace file

This feature does exactly what you’d expect: replace an existing project file with a new version with the same underlying content. It’s useful when there is a problem with your current project file — maybe it's distorting, or you mistakenly uploaded a compressed file, or you’re replacing a scratch track with your final version.

Avoid data corruption

Replace file should only be used when replacing files of the same duration and content. Using a different replacement file may significantly corrupt your project.

How to replace a file

  1. Click Media library icon.png Media at the top of the project.
  2. Open the Files Tab icon.png Files tab and find the file you want to replace.
  3. Click Vertical ellipses icon.png> Replace > Replace file...

Screenshots showing steps for replacing a project file in Descript

Considerations for transcribed files

Replacing a transcribed file does not regenerate the transcript or change the alignment between the script text and other audio and video elements. Note that both the original and optimized files will be replaced.

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