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Removing filler words

For now, filler word removal only works in English.

Descript will analyze your script media and identify unnecessary “um”s and “uh”s in your composition. These filler words will have a light-blue underline in the Script Editor.

While filler word removal is offered to all members, Pro subscribers get advanced contextual search algorithms to identify additional filler words and phrases in your compositions.

You can review and remove all detected filler words in a composition or project by selecting additional_editing_features.png and choosing Remove filler words…; or, you can select Search_icon.png and choose to search for filler words.


You’ll see a list of all the detected filler words in the Properties Panel.  You can preview each section where a filler word was identified and deal with it in one of three ways:

Remove Media

Delete* Remove both the text and the audio
Ignore Do nothing — ignore the filler word in audio during playback, and leave it in the text

Correct transcript

Correct/remove the filler word/phrase only from the transcript. You’ll still hear it during playback

*You can replace the filler word with a gap clip of the same size; this helps smooth out the cuts in audio. Any associated video will remain unchanged (but without audio).

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