Descript makes it easy to drag and drop audio files into Compositions, but what about multiple separate audio files that you want to keep in sync with each other? That's what Sequences are for. Sequences are two or more separate tracks that you've combined into a Multitrack Sequence in Descript and can be viewed as a normal track in the Script view.


Getting Started

To create a Sequence, select and then drag the media files into a Composition.



If the files are close to the same length, you'll be prompted to specify if you would like to either keep the files separate, or create a multitrack Sequence. Click the Create Sequence button so Combine the files into a unified transcript.



Next you'll have the opportunity to specify labels for each of the files. If the files are already labeled the way you'd like them to be displayed in the Speaker Labels, you may proceed. Otherwise type the labels for each file in the "Add speaker" text box, select the type of desired transcription in the dropdown selector, then click Transcribe.




Creating Sequences from the Media Library

You can also create a Sequence by clicking the ellipsis to the right of your file in the Media Library and selecting Create Multitrack Sequence. From here, you can drag and drop in other audio or video files to create new tracks, or manually click Add New Track


You'll have many of the same tools as the main track, so you can pan volume, add volume automation, and other tools accessible from the Timeline Editor.


When editing in this view, deleting or cutting will leave the relationship of the individual tracks and will not 'shrink the gap' like it would in the normal Timeline Editor view.

Once the Sequence is created, it will be accessible from your Media Library to add to other Compositions in your Project. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Descript say "No Sequence at Playhead" when I try to edit my sequence?

A Sequence is created when you combine two or more audio tracks into a Multitrack Sequence. This message occurs when your playhead is located over a standard media file that is not a sequence file. You can tell if your clip is a sequence file by the sequence icon in the upper left-hand corner.


Is there a Keyboard Shortcut for the Sequence view?

Yes! Mac: Cmd + Shift + O    Windows: Ctrl + Shift + O


If I edit the Sequence, does it affect other Compositions that use the same Sequence?

If you make edits to a Sequence, those edits are global to the Sequence and will affect all Compositions containing that Sequence