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Sequence Editor

The Sequence Editor provides a multitrack editing view for files contained in a sequence. It should be considered a virtual container that groups multiple tracks together while editing the composition. You can remove sections of tracks inside the Sequence Editor (e.g., background noise, cross-talk, or coughs) without splitting the sequence in the composition.

Many of the same tools available in the main Timeline can also be used in the Sequence Editor, such as:

  • Pan and volume controls
  • Volume automation
  • Effects
  • The Timeline toolbar
  • Auto-leveling

However, to get the most out of Descript, the Script Editor should still serve as your primary location for editing.

Once the sequence is created, it will be accessible from the Sequences folder in the Media Library and available to add to other compositions in your project.

Accessing the Sequence Editor

There are a few ways to access the Sequence Editor:

  • Right-clicking on a sequence in the Timeline or Script Editor, then selecting Edit sequence.
  • Double clicking the sequence in the script track.
  • From the Project files tab in the Media Library, select a sequence and choose Edit sequence in the bottom of the side panel.


Once you're finished working in the sequence editor, you can navigate back to your composition by:

  • Selecting Done in the top right corner
  • Pressing Esc

Using the Sequence Editor

Once inside the Sequence Editor, you can manually adjust and clips within each track.


Sequence edits propagate to all compositions

If you make edits to a sequence, those edits are global to the Project - they will affect all compositions containing that sequence.

The Properties Panel is also accessible from the Sequence Editor, which lets you do things like add effects or control room tone on individual clips in the sequence.


Editing video sequences

Check out our editing multicam guide to learn more.

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