Edit like a doc

Descript let's you edit your video and audio just like a text document. This guide walks you through the basics of script-based editing and some of the unique features that make editing in Descript a breeze. 

Script-based editing basics

After you've imported and transcribed a file or recording video or audio directly in Descript, the magic of script-based editing happens in the Script Editor.

GIF showing how to edit video and audio like text in Descript

  1. Select the text you want to delete, just like you would in a text document.
  2. Hit the delete (macOS) or backspace (Windows) key. The text selection will be removed from your script, along with the underlying video or audio.
Fix rough sounding edits with Regenerate

Previously impossible edits are now within reach and easy to fix, all thanks to the AI-powered Regenerate feature.

You can do a lot more than just delete words. Here some other handy features to help speed up your editing:

  • Copy and paste—highlight the section of text you want to move, copy it, and paste it somewhere else in your script.
  • SearchUse the search tool to find and correct specific words or phrases in your script.
  • Ignore script—instead of deleting your script, cross out lines you're unsure about, and they won't appear in your final video or audio. You can always add them back later. Learn more deleting vs. ignoring script.

Let Underlord handle the drudgery

At the top of the sidebar lies Underlord, your super handy AI assistant that can handle editing task—among many, many other thing. Here's just a few the mind-numbing parts of editing Underlord can do for you, so you can focus on your creative vision:

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