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The wordbar

The wordbar tells you exactly what words a waveform represents, and it's for quickly adding or removing space between words.

Adjusting word boundaries and alignment

Descript automatically aligns your transcript with your script audio. You can make adjustments to the timing in the wordbar to assure your transcript, captions or exported subtitles are lined up correctly.

To adjust a word’s alignment:

  1. Hover your cursor over a word boundary.
  2. While pressing the Command (macOS) or Control (Windows) key, drag the word boundary.


Word-level adjustment

Word boundary adjustments must be performed on a per-word basis. You may need to zoom in a little on the timeline to get the trim tool to appear in tightly spaced words.

Adjusting the timing of your script from the wordbar

If you want to adjust the timing of your script, select and drag a word from the wordbar. This will either:

  • Create a gap clip if there is no associate script media over the new position of the word.
  • Trim or extend your script media if your word is being moved to a position where script media exist.


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