Look Good Actions

Underlord offers great pre-built options to help quickly edit and improve the visuals of your project. 

Eye contact (BETA)

Eye Contact is an AI-powered video effect that makes it look like you're always looking directly into the camera. This is useful if you're reading a script, using a teleprompter, or getting distracted. Eye Contact helps make your video feel personal and engaging. 

Center active speaker (BETA)

Have Underlord help you keep the active speaker in the center of the screen. The center active speaker feature is a great way to keep the camera centered on the current speaker. Although still in beta, you will find this works best with vertical video formats.

Currently, the Center Active Speaker feature only works if your video and audio are combined on the same track. If your video and audio are on separate tracks, the feature will not be able to identify who is speaking and will default to centering the camera in the middle of the video.

Green screen

The Green Screen feature harnesses the power of artificial intelligence to seamlessly eliminate the background from your video. By applying this effect, Descript will automatically analyze the video and remove the background.

Automatic multicam

If you're working on a project that contains multi-track sequences with multiple different speakers, Automatic multicam is a time-saving feature. Underlord automatically identifies when different speakers are talking, creates individual scenes for each speaker change, and displays the active speaker, making them the focal point of the scene.

Generate an image

Using Underlord, you can create custom images for your content by generating AI images using text prompts. Each time you enter a text prompt, Descript will produce three 1024x1024 AI images. You can also generate variations based on the initial set of AI images you create.

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