Troubleshooting and general guidelines when recording with SquadCast

Managing Video and Bandwidth

  • Disabling Incoming Video: If a participant has a low connection, they can Disable Incoming Video in the settings/name menu within the session. This enables continued video recording while reducing bandwidth by not displaying other participants' videos.
  • Bandwidth Considerations: If the network is very challenged, take steps to ensure a great connection. Restarting the computer is a useful strategy, and it can help stabilize network conditions.

Browser Management for Optimal Performance

  • Focus on SquadCast Tab: It is advisable to keep SquadCast as the focused tab during recording because browsers tend to throttle background tabs, which can result in dropped frames and audio/video synchronization issues. For more information on this, you can refer to our support article here: Keep Tab Focused.
  • Avoid Background Throttling: Leaving SquadCast as the focused tab while recording is recommended. Otherwise, the browser may throttle background tabs, resulting in dropped frames and audio/video desynchronization.
  • Incognito Mode or Different Browser: To mitigate any potential conflicts with active extensions/apps, try using an incognito tab in Chrome or a different browser. SquadCast is supported by the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, and Edge.

Recording Tips and Testing

  • Pre-Recording Test: Before your main recording, do a ~30-second test recording with your guest. Listen back to it to check for any necessary adjustments to volume, equipment, echo cancellation, etc.
  • Quality Sample: SquadCast provides a Quality Sample for the host to listen to ~10 seconds after hitting record in a session. A pop-up displays a quick sample that can be listened to during the session.
  • Restart Computers if Needed: While you shouldn't have to do this frequently, it can help if challenges persist with the recording session.

Backup and Uploading Process

  • Progressive Uploading: While in session recording primary files, SquadCast is progressively uploading audio and video to the cloud. This is a separate process from your conversation with your guest.
  • Primary and Cloud Backups: These backups are recorded from different sources over the network, rather than locally within each participant's browser. This ensures that the session's host always has content from each session to use. 

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