My SquadCast recording has no video

If a primary recording isn't available for any reason, we'd suggest accessing and downloading the session's cloud backup recordings as that's the provided recovery method. SquadCast always records Cloud backups of every session in case a primary recording is missing or fails to generate fully. That ensures the session host always has content from a session. Cloud backups are available from your dashboard once all participants have left the session. Instructions for accessing Cloud backups are below:

  • Next to the Recent Primary Recordings tab, you can select the Down Arrow and choose the Backup Recordings Option. From there, sessions will be displayed for selection. You can select your session and select the session's down arrow to view and download any available backup recordings.

During a session, SquadCast offers the host several real-time tools to gain insights into participants' uploads and connection status:

  • Session hosts can monitor participant uploads in real-time by clicking the recordings icon located in the lower right corner of your screen. This will expand a panel displaying recordings, and the host can click on a participant's name to view uploads and receive real-time warnings. This feature allows hosts to ensure that files are uploading correctly while recording. If necessary, the host can stop recording and start again during the session. Participants' network connections can be viewed in real-time by clicking on the Glasses (Stats for Nerds) icon next to their name. This provides information on the participant's connection strength. While in the session, the host can access participant information by clicking on the participant icon in the lower right corner of the screen. This section allows hosts to enable settings such as echo cancellation, equipment selection, camera resolution adjustments, and muting if required. 

We recommend prioritizing your network connection when recording. To ensure smooth uploading and rendering of recordings, we've provided some helpful suggestions that all participants can follow:

  • It is advisable to keep SquadCast as the focused tab during recording because browsers tend to throttle background tabs, which can result in dropped frames and audio/video synchronization issues. For more information on this, you can refer to our support article here: Keep Tab Focused
  • Remain in session until recordings have been fully uploaded and rendered. Our Best Practices support doc also has a downloadable PDF that can be shared with guests before joining a session as well: Best Practices
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