Best Practices

Here are a few best practices we've found to help ensure you & your guest have the best experience recording on SquadCast.

  1. Encourage everyone to wear wired headphones.
  2. If needed, restart the computer to ensure the best connection, most up-to-date permissions, and to end any lingering processes that may be a hindrance to getting or staying connected.
  3. Ask everyone to turn off all unnecessary apps and close unnecessary browser tabs. It's best to keep SquadCast the focus tab while recording. 
  4. Wait for everyone to join the session before clicking the record button.
  5. Start with a sample recording of ~1 minute & playback to hear the sound quality.
  6. If a disconnection ever occurs during a recording, refresh the page, wait for everyone to reconnect, and start the recording where you left off

Check out the Connect & Record Checklist to help you & your guest get connected!

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