Access Cloud Audio + Video Recordings

SquadCast automatically captures backups of your recordings in the form of cloud recordings. This guarantees that you will always have content to produce your next episode, even if issues occur with your primary recordings. Slight quality reduction may occur due to compression in challenging network conditions.

When viewing these video backups, please be aware that the backup will be saved as a single conference-style video. This means that all participants' video feeds will be combined into one continuous recording. Individual video feeds will not be available separately as this is done while recording and not using any kind of post-processing.

Downloading cloud recordings from the Dashboard

  1. Select the Recordings tab in the top left corner of the Dashboard.
  2. Locate and select the session that you need the cloud recordings from, then select the Vertical ellipses icon.png Ellipsis button to the right of the session.
  3. Select Get Cloud Recordings. This will generate a new subsection in your session with the cloud recordings.
  4. Expand the Cloud Recording subsection of your session.
  5. Select the Download Recording button next to the cloud recording that you want to download.

SquadCast cloud recordings.gif

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