Change project ownership

Before transferring ownership:

How to Transfer Ownership of a Project to Another User

  1. From the Drive View, click  Transport_ellipses.png on the far right of the project title. 


  2. Select Project Access from the dropdown menu.
  3. Type the new owner's email into the text box and select invite to project.
  4. You'll see the user added to the list of people who have project access. Select the box to the right of their name and choose make owner from the list of options.
    • Please note that if the invited user is not currently a member of the Drive, they will first need to accept the invitation (via email) before the option to make them the Owner will appear.
  5. Select Transfer ownership in the confirmation window to finish transferring the project.

Ownership is transferred immediately and can only be changed by the current owner of the project. 

You can also transfer ownership following the same steps from within a project; just open the project access panel in the main editor and follow from step 3.

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