Managing drives, teams, and project permissions

You can collaborate and set permission levels for team members and projects in Descript in many ways. This document provides drive owners information about drives and workspaces, team members, and project access, and recommendations for managing your teams and collaborations.

Drives and workspaces

What is a drive?

A drive are where projects are created, stored, and managed in Descript. Drives can consist of a single member or multiple users collaborating across one or more projects. You will interact with your drive from the Drive view. Learn more about the Drive view.

A drive is automatically created and linked to your account when you create a Descript account. You can purchase additional drives and create or belong to as many drives as you like. We recommend using multiple drives for each team or for productions that need specific privacy settings and members. 

What is a workspace?

Workspaces allow you to manage the privacy of your projects within a . This is helpful if you share the drive with a team. Every drive member has access to the two workspaces in their drive:

  • Drive workspace — projects stored here are visible to all drive members, making projects easily accessible and collaborative amongst drive members.
  • Private workspace — projects stored here are private and only visible to the individual team member. It's a useful space for storing projects that shouldn't or don't need to be shared with any other user; or if you want to provide project access only to a few collaborators.

Organize your drive workspace with folders

You can create folders to organize projects in the Drive workspace. Please note that folders cannot be created in a Private workspace. Learn how to create folders in your drive workspace.

How should I organize projects in drives and workspaces?

We recommend this project organization:

  • Use folders on the Drive workspace if there are no privacy concerns. 
  • Use the Private workspace to store projects that shouldn't be shared with any other drive members, or that only needs to be shared with a select set of users (this can be done by providing project access).
  • Use multiple drives when separate teams or productions need specific privacy settings and members. 

Save time with naming conventions

Create a clear, consistent naming system. This saves time and makes locating and searching for projects easier.

Drive members

Members are individual users that can collaborate on projects in a shared drive. The drive owner can add or remove members and assign them permission-based roles.

Membership types

There are three types of drive members: the drive owner, editors, and basic members. Each has different types of permissions. Click to learn more about drive member types.

Adding new members

Drive members can invite other members to join the drive. The type of members a team member can invite will depend on their own drive membership:

Member Type Invite Basic Invite Editor Change other member's type
Drive Owner Yes Yes Yes
Basic Member Yes No No
Editor Member Yes Yes No


Keep in mind that adding editor members to your drive will increase your subscription cost. As the drive owner, you can enable manually approval of editor membership invitations

Does your new drive member need help?

The following article provides details on accepting a drive membership invitation.

Paid seats

A seat represents an individual editor-level seat on the drive. When you purchase a Creator or Pro subscription for your drive, you select the seats to purchase, then assign them to members or guests. Note that a paid seat will be added to your drive subscription anytime you invite a new editor member.

Are you on an Enterprise plan?

You'll need to contact our customer success team if you want to add paid seats.

Removing drive members

Only the drive owner can remove members from the drive. Learn how to remove members.

Before removing a drive member

  1. On the team drive, have the team member move any non-private projects from their Private workspace to the Drive workspace. Learn how to move projects.
  2. Make sure the drive member being removed transfers ownership of any projects they own on the team drive. Learn how to transfer project ownership.

Drive admins

Admins are editor or basic members that have been given additional drive, project, and membership management capabilities. Either the drive owner or other drive admins.There's no limit on the number of drive members who can be assigned as admins. Learn more about assigning drive admins.

Project access and ownership

Project Ownership

The drive member who creates the project will be the default project owner. Project owners have more project permissions. Specifically, they can:

  • Change access permissions of the project
  • Transfer ownership to another editor drive member
  • Rename the project
  • Duplicate the project
  • Move the project
  • Delete the project

Projects created by basic members

While all drive members can create new projects, non-admin basic members do have limitations. They cannot:

  • Create projects outside of their Private workspace.
  • Share their projects.
  • Transfer project ownership.

Project access

Project access allows you to invite collaborators, even non-drive members, to specific projects and set permission levels for the projects. Learn more about setting project access and inviting collaborators.

  • You can provide access to projects on your private workspace to limit the project to a select group of drive members.
  • You can invite other Descript users to collaborate on individual projects without inviting them to the drive. 

Levels of project access

There are three permission levels of project access you can set for drive members and collaborators

Can edit — users can edit the project without restrictions.

Can comment — users can only view and playback the project, leave comments, copy share links, and copy project content.

Cannot access — this will move the project to your Private workspace on the drive.

Project access and automatic transcription

  • Project access does not grant a user the ability to initiate automatic transcription within the project.
  • Only drive members can initiate transcription for projects on the drive, and basic members can only initiate transcription for projects they own on the drive.

Who can adjust project access permissions?

Drive owners, project owners, and editor members with "Can edit" permissions can give other users access to the project.

Tips and best practices

There are a lot of ways you can collaborate on projects in Descript. Here are some suggestions for sharing your Descript content with collaborators:

  • Invite someone as a drive member if they are long-term collaborators or need access to many projects on the drive. Learn how to invite drive members.
  • If you want to restrict access to a project, keep it on your private workspace, and provide project access to Descript users or drive members as needed. Learn how to provide project access.
  • If you need to share and get feedback on a version of your content with a non-Descript user, consider sharing a published page link with them. Learn how to publish your content
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