Drive admins

Plan restriction

This feature is available for Enterprise plans only.

Admins are drive members that have been given additional drive, project, and membership management capabilities. Both basic and editor members can be granted admin status by either the drive owner or other drive admins. There's no limit on the number of drive members who can be assigned as admins.

Assign or remove drive admins


Only the drive owner and other admins can give admin status to drive members.

  1. Open Settings icon Settings and view the Members tab.
  2. Click ... next a member's type and choose Make/Remove drive admin. Please note that removing admins privileges does not remove the member from the drive or change their membership type

Admin privileges

Drive admins have additional capabilities for managing the drive, project, and other drive members. Below is a list covering that additional privileges available to drive admins.

Manage membership

Drive management

Project management

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