Drive membership types

There are three types of drive members in Descript: editor members, basic members, and drive owners. 

Editor vs. basic members

                        Basic                       Editor
Create templates No Yes
Inviting other drive members Can invite basic members Can invite basic and editor members (may require drive owner approval - learn more)
Initiate transcription Only projects they own Only projects owned by editor members
Contribute to monthly automatic transcription limit No Yes (amount determined by plan)
Additional cost per seat No Yes (paid by drive owner)
Create quick recordings of any duration Yes Yes
Create projects Only in their private workspace Yes
Edit projects and quick recordings Only projects they own Only projects owned by editor members
View or comment on other drive members' projects Yes Yes
Duplicate projects They can copy projects they own into their private workspace Yes
Publish or export compositions over 5 minutes, or with added layers No Yes
Export or publish other drive members' projects No Yes
Share or transfer ownership of their projects No Yes
Move projects No Yes
Delete projects Only projects they own Only projects they own
Create Overdub voices Yes Yes

Drive owner

The drive owner is the user who created the drive. The drive owner has the same permissions as an editor member, plus:

  • They can change a drive membership between basic and editor.
  • They can make changes to the drive’s subscription.
  • They can change the default publish privacy settings.
  • They are billed for the drive’s subscription.
  • Drive owners (and drive members) cannot transfer drive ownership to other drive members. If you need to transfer drive ownership, please contact our support team.
  • There can only be one drive owner per drive.

Drive owner editing permissions cannot be changed

The drive owner has the same editing permissions as an editor member. The drive owner cannot be downgraded to basic editing permissions at this time.

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