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Drive membership types

There are three types of drive members in Descript: editor members, basic members, and drive owners.


Editor members

Editor members of a drive add a recurring subscription charge to the Drive owner's monthly/annual subscription fee (billing amount determined by the drive plan type on a per seat basis). Editor members can:

  • Create/edit unlimited projects on the shared drive.
  • Initiate transcriptions on any team project.
  • Contribute to the monthly automatic transcription rate limit for the shared drive each month (amount of automatic transcription hours is determined by the plan type).
  • Invite other Basic members to the drive.

Editor members cannot:

  • Invite other editor members to the drive (restricted to Drive owners).


Basic member

Basic members of a drive do not incur an additional monthly fee to the Drive owner's account. Basic members can:

  • View and comment on all projects on the Drive workspace.
  • Initiate transcription for any project that they have created.
  • Create recordings using the Quick recorder (maximum resolution of 720p)
  • Add and edit media on projects that they have created.
  • Export videos (maximum resolution of 720p).
  • Invite other basic members to the drive.


Basic members cannot:

  • Edit or transcribe projects that have been created by other members of the Drive workspace.
  • Export videos without a Descript watermark in the lower-right corner of the video.


Drive owner

The drive owner is the user who created the drive. Users cannot transfer drive ownership to other drive members and there can only be one drive owner per drive. If you need to transfer drive ownership, please contact our support team. The drive owner has the same permission as an Editor member, plus:

  • They can invite Editor members.
  • They can change a drive member’s between Basic and Editor.
  • They can make changes to the drive’s subscription.
  • They are billed for the drive’s subscription.
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