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Drive view


The Drive View is the central hub for project organization in Descript. Whether working solo or with a team of collaborators, the Drive View can help keep your various projects organized and accessible.

The Drive View is organized into three sections: the project panel, the header, and the sidebar. Understanding each section will help you better navigate and manage access to your project content.

Project panel


The project panel of the Drive View provides a list of the various projects you have created or have access to. You can create, open, or manage projects and create folders in this area.

Working offline

When you open a , Descript will automatically download it to your computer so it works offline. Projects not locally downloaded will have the download icon Download_project_icon.png next to the project's name in the .



The sidebar allows you to:

Sidebar tabs Description

Recent projects

View and sort your projects based on which you have recently viewed

Quick recording

Area where you can access recordings made with the Quick Recorder

Shared with me

View projects that you have been give project access to


View, manage and create your Overdub voices


View, manage and create your template projects

Private workspace

Storage area for projects you want to limit access to from other drive members

Drive workspace

Storage areas for projects all drive members have access to

The header


In the header of the Drive View, you can search for projects and content across your drives, access your account and app preferences, set the app’s color theme, and logout of your account.

How to switch between multiple drives

Descript allows users to create and have access to multiple drives. These can be multiple personal drives, shared team drives, or any other drives you're involved with.

To switch between drives:

  1. Open the Drive View.
  2. Select your drive’s name in the top left corner.
  3. Choose another drive from the dropdown menu.


Remember that you will only see one drive in the menu if you do not have access to multiple drives. For more information on purchasing an additional drive for your account, check out our section on creating an additional drive.

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