Updating your account email address

If you created a Descript account with a username and password authentication method, here's how you can view or change your account email address.

Account emails created with Google authentication

If you created your account by choosing Sign up with Google, the process for changing your email is different. Click here to learn how to change an account email created with Google authentication.

Changing email address

  1. Sign into your account from the app or the web, then select your profile picture in the top right corner of the Drive view.
  2. Select Settings icon Settings.
  3. Select your email and type the new account email address.

Descript app account settings panel: updating email

If you get an "Invalid email" error when trying to update the account email address, please keep in mind you can not update your email to one that is already being used by another Descript account. See: Error: "Invalid email" for more details.

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