Adding or changing your credit card

You can add or update your payment method from your account settings. 

Things to know

  • Currently, Descript only accepts credit or debit cards for Creator, Pro, and EDU/non-profit plans.
  • You will need a card on file if you have a paid subscription.
  • For team drives, only the drive owner can adjust the account payment method.

How to add or update your card

  1. Log in to the correct account from or the app.
  2. Open Settings icon Settings.
  3. Select Edit under the Billing details section.
  4. Add your card details, and then click Update or Add credit card.

Screenshot of Descript app with numbered steps for editing credit card information

Removing your credit card on file

If you're on a paid subscription and want to remove your payment method, cancel your plan first. After that, contact our support team to remove the card from your account.

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