Adjusting word gaps in bulk

You can quickly search and shorten word gaps by selecting the Action bar and choosing Shorten word gaps…; or you can search for word gaps with the Search tool.

Accessing Shorten word gaps through the Action bar

You can then adjust the word gaps from the search panel at the top of the Script editor. The time selection at the top of the search panel can be changed to adjust which word gaps will be shortened, and the time selection at the bottom of the search panel can be changed to adjust how short you want the resulting word gaps to be.

Shorten word gaps in the search panel

You can move through the search results by clicking the arrows in the search panel, or by clicking the individual search results in the Properties panel. Clicking Shorten will shorten the selected word gap to the specified duration and move to the next word gap. Clicking Shorten all will shorten all word gaps that appear in your search results to the specified duration.

Navigating through Shorten word gaps search results

If you want to adjust word gaps while you're editing, without using the search tool, you can do it directly from the script editor, or by using the wordbar.

Advanced Settings

Shorten word gaps also comes with a couple of additional preferences depending on your desired workflow; you can access them by clicking the Settings icon:

  • Auto-advance–after shortening a specific gap, Descript will automatically advance the selection to the next gap in the properties panel.
  • Preview results–as soon as you click on or advance to a new selection, Descript will automatically play back a portion of the selected audio.
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