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Quick actions using the Conductor

Using the conductor (Mac: Command + K; Windows: Control + K), you can access a host of navigation, search and editing features all from a single command palette.

Using the Conductor from the Drive View

Please note that in the Drive View, you can only use the Conductor to perform these four actions:

  • Create projects
  • Open a new window
  • Access the Help Center
  • View the keyboard shortcuts list

All other actions are available when working in the main editor.


Action Description
Add custom font... Open the add fonts window
New Project Open the New Project window
Open project Open the Drive View
Transcription glossary… Open the transcription glossary window


Action Description
Change multicam track Change the video source of a selected sequence
Enter Correct mode Enable Correct mode of the Script editor
Enter Write Mode Enable Write mode of the Script editor
Remove filler words.. Open the list of detected filler words in the Properties panel
Remove ignored text Removes all ignored text from your Script editor
Replace with gap clip Replace selected Script media with a gap clip
Shorten word gaps Open the list of word gaps in the Properties panel
Split clip at playhead Split clips in your Script track at the playhead


Action Description
Export… Open the export window
Export subtitles… Open the export window for subtitles
Export text… Open the export window for a text file
Export Timeline to Audition Open the export window for Adobe Auditon (.sesx)
Export Timeline to Final Cut Pro X Open the export window for Final Cut Pro (.fcpxml)
Export Timeline to Premiere Open the export window for Premiere (.xml)
Export Timeline to Pro Tools/Logic Open the export window for Pro Tools/Logic (.aaf)
Publish… Open the export window for publishing a page


Action Description
Animation Add an animation to a selected visual
Arrow Add an arrow graphic to the scene
Comments Add a comment on the word right of the cursor or on the currently highlighted text in your Script editor
Ellipse Add an ellipse graphic to the scene
Fancy captions Add captions for the transcript of the Scene
File into Script Add a file to your Script track at the cursor position
File Add a media file to the active scene
Inline note Add an inline note at the cursor position
Marker Add a marker a the cursor position
Open media library Open the media library
Open Templates library Open the templates library
Overdub Add Overdub at the cursor position
Progress bar Add a progress bar graphic to the scene
Recording Add a new recording at the cursor position
Rectangle Add a rectangle visual to the scene
Scene Add a new scene at the cursor position
Speaker Label Add a speaker label at the cursor position
Text Add a text visual to the scene
Waveform Add a waveform visual to the scene


Action Description
Jump to composition Move to a composition within the project
Jump to marker Move cursor position to a marker in your composition
Jump to time Move cursor to a specific time location in your composition; supported time formats include:
  • 1 32 24 (hours, minutes, and seconds)
  • 1h 32m 24s
  • 1 hour 32 minutes 24 seconds
  • 1:32:24.2 (hours:minutes:seconds.milliseconds)
  • 24.2 (seconds.milliseconds)


Action Description
Copy link to composition Copy your project link
Project access Open the project access manager
Project settings Open your project’s settings window


Action Description
Search for “” Type in a word to search your composition using the search tool
Search GIPHY gifs Open GIPHY GIFs tab of the media library
Search GIPHY stickers Open GIPHY stickers tab of the media library
Search Stock backgrounds… Open Stock backgrounds tab of the media library
Search stock footage… Open Stock footage tab of the media library
Search stock illustrations… Open Stock illustrations tab of the media library
Search stock images… Open Stock images tab of the media library
Search stock music Open Stock music tab of the media library
Search stock sound effects Open Stock sound effects tab of the media library
Search Unsplash Open Unsplash tab of the media library


Action Description
Help Center Open the Help Center
Learn Descript Open the side learning rail
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