Drive Member Management

Descript makes it easy to add new members to your Drive for collaboration on projects. Team members can see Team projects, create new projects, initiate transcription and edit projects.


Inviting Members

First, visit your Members page at or the equivalent page in the Descript App by clicking on your Profile Icon, selecting Edit Account then clicking on the Members tab.

Now make sure that the correct Drive is selected in the dropdown in the upper right of the screen:

Click + Add member button and a new window will appear where you can enter an email address, regardless of whether the user already has a Descript account.

We'll send a link to that email address that the user can be click to be added to the drive.

If the member already has a Descript account associated a different email address than the one that was invited, Descript will still link the drive membership to whichever account is logged in when the user clicks the link.