Drive Member Management

Descript makes it easy to add new members to your Drive for collaboration on projects. Team members can see Team projects, create new projects, initiate transcription and edit projects.


Inviting Members

First, visit your Members page at or the equivalent page in the Descript App by clicking on your Profile Icon, selecting Edit Account then clicking on the Members tab.

Now make sure that the correct Drive is selected in the dropdown in the upper right of the screen:



Click + Add member button and a new window will appear where you can enter an email address and an optional message. If you have multiple users, paste in a comma separated list of email addresses. Once complete click Add (Basic membership) or Add and purchase (Editor membership).



We'll send a link to that email address that the user can click to be added to the drive.



They will be prompted to either Accept the invitation as the currently signed-in email...



...or if the user is already signed in to Descript with a different email address than the one that was invited, they can Logout and sign in with a different email.



Once the user has accepted the invitation they can either install the downloaded Desktop application, or open Descript (if it's already installed) and access their new drive by selecting it in the Drive Selector dropdown in the Drive View.


Changing Membership Type

If you would like to change the membership type of a member on the drive you may click in the ellipsis (...) button to the right of their name and select Change membership type. Here you will have the option of switching to either Basic or Editor. change-membership-type.png


Basic to Editor

If you are switching from Basic to Editor you will be charged for an additional seat on your Drive plan unless you already have an unallocated drive seat.



Editor to Basic

If you are switching from Editor to Basic you will de-allocate one paid seat on your drive.


Unallocated Drive Seats

Please note that you will be billed each month for every allocated and unallocated seat on the team drive unless changed before the end of your current billing cycle.

You can check your current drive seat allocations at (or the equivalent page in your Descript app settings) and clicking the Edit button to the right of your Subscription.


Once complete, click Change to confirm your selection.