Meet Underlord: your AI sidekick

Descript revolutionized content creation with text-based audio and video editing. Now, in the age of artificial intelligence, Descript simplifies creative work even further with Underlord, your powerful yet subordinate AI assistant, co-editor, and collaborator.

Underlord's AI features assist you at every stage of your workflow. These AI actions are grouped based on how and when they can help you.

Sound Good

Underlord comes equipped with a toolbox full of AI gadgets designed to enhance your content's audio quality. It handles everything from making obvious edits to fixing poor audio quality, ensuring that you sound clear and professional. Whether it’s removing background noise or enhancing voice clarity, Underlord is there to help.

Sound good AI actions

Look Good

Elevate the visual and auditory quality of your content with Underlord’s AI-powered tools. Even if you don’t have a professional studio, Underlord ensures that your project looks polished. From correcting eye contact to automatically creating cuts for multicam recordings, your content will have a refined finish, regardless of your recording environment.

Look good AI actions


Underlord helps you create engaging clips and highlight reels that stand out. Whether you’re looking to translate captions, repurpose a podcast episode into bite-sized video clips, or transform a webinar into shareable social media snippets, Underlord makes repurposing content straightforward. Repurpose AI actions 


Simplify the final steps of your creative process with Underlord. It drafts titles, summaries, show notes, and descriptions, reducing the effort needed for the publishing process. You focus on creating; Underlord helps prepare your content for the world, enabling seamless and efficient publishing. Publish AI actions 


Don’t fear the blank page. Whether you’re struggling to start or find yourself stuck in the middle of a project, Underlord assists you in getting unstuck. It helps with brainstorming, drafting scripts, and structuring your ideas, ensuring you never run out of creative steam. From initial concept to final script, Underlord supports your writing journey. Write AI actions 

Fit Underlord into your creative process

Underlord enhances your workflow in key moments of your  production: brainstorming ideas, writing scripts, editing, repurposing content, and publishing. Explore how Underlord fits into your production process, and don't stop with the preset actions. Customize prompts or start with an empty prompt and ask Underlord anything you want.

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