Translate Captions

The translation feature in Descript allows you to easily translate captions into different languages, making your content accessible to a broader audience. This feature lets you generate translated closed captions (.srt) and transcripts as well, enhancing the reach and impact of your videos.

Getting Started

To use the Translate Captions feature, we recommend you first add a captions layer. Otherwise, your translation will only generate a translated transcript to be used with closed captions (.srt).

  1. Navigate to the Underlord panel.
  2. Under the Repurpose section, choose Translate Captions. Alternatively, you can find this option under the Layer panel.
  3. Select the desired language for your captions. For example, if you want to translate to German, choose "German" before submitting the translation request.
  4. Once the translation is complete, you will be shown the translation window. here you can make adjustments to your transcription. If you already have an existing translation, you will be shown a notification directing you to open that transcription via the notification or the language icon at the top of the project.

Making Adjustments

Once the translation is complete, you may need to make minor adjustments to ensure accuracy or timing. You can playback the translated script and preview each section to make the necessary corrections or timing adjustments by moving words or sections of text around.

Note that translated captions layers will appear in the video preview at the bottom of the modal, but if you don't have a captions layer applied to some part of the video, you won't see any newly translated captions in the video preview either.

Once you have made any adjustments, click Done to close out the translation window.

Important Tips

  • Manual Syncing - Translations do not automatically sync with edits to the original composition. If you make changes to the original transcript, you must regenerate the translation. Note that this will overwrite any manual corrections you've made since you last translated into this language.
  • Accessing Translations - Click on the language icon and then the language to open the translated captions.
  • Additional Options - If you open the menu next to the language name you will find a few options to help manage your translations. Regenerate the translation, copy the link, export the video with translated captions, or delete the translation as needed. 


Publishing Your Translated Content

After finalizing the translated script, on your original composition, click Publish in the top right. Here you can export or publish your translated captions.

  • Under Publish or Export, choose one of the languages you have generated captions for (e.g., German) to ensure your video is published with the appropriate captions.
  • If you would like to export a translated transcript or an .srt file, you can do so in the export menu by choosing Transcript or Subtitles.


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