Why are some Underlord actions disabled?

To help users understand why some actions may appear disabled, hovering over these disabled options will reveal a tooltip with more information. Here are some common reasons why a specific Underlord action might be disabled.

Script has no transcript: Not supported with empty script
This appears when there is no script in the project. This action requires a transcript to proceed with the intended action. Please add a file to the script and transcribe it first. Learn more about Automatic transcription.
Requires multicam: Requires sequence with multiple speakers in separate video tracks in script
Some actions require a sequence in the script with multiple video tracks. Ensure that your script includes a multi-track sequence to use this feature. Multicam functionality is dependent on having multiple video tracks available. Learn more about Arranging and editing multicam footage.
Video-only: Requires video in script
This indicates that the action is designed to work with video files and is incompatible with audio-only files. To utilize this function, upload a video file and attempt the action again.
Sequences not supported: Not supported with sequences in script
Some Underlord actions are not supported with sequences. To use this feature, ensure you are working with a single-track file. Learn more about Projects and their components.
Needs a selection: Select a layer to use this action
Select the appropriate layer in your project before attempting the action again. Learn more about our Timeline tools.
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