My SquadCast recording is choppy, but the backup file looks and sounds great

Difference Between Recording and Conversation Quality

On SquadCast, the difference between recording and conversation quality lies in the technology used. Recording is performed locally for each participant, ensuring the highest quality since there's no compression from the network. Progressive Uploads technology ensures security and minimal loss. Conversation quality, however, might slightly reduce during challenging network conditions due to compression but remains reliable. Even in case of network issues, recordings are not lost, and sessions can be rejoined using the same link. For more details, visit SquadCast's Progressive Uploads page.

This can be caused by a participant's network struggling while using SquadCast. Our system will indicate to the specified guest multiple warnings while recording, including "App not in Focus," "Network Struggling," and "Upload Queue Backup." These warnings suggest the guest's network connection had difficulty maintaining a constant connection for real-time audio recording and cloud uploading in the background. SquadCast ensures session content availability through cloud backups accessible from your dashboard after each session, helping hosts overcome challenging network conditions while maintaining session quality.


During sessions, SquadCast offers real-time tools for hosts to monitor participant uploads and connections. By clicking the recordings icon at the bottom right of the display, hosts can access participant uploads and warnings instantly. The "Take" and "Participant" options provide insights into ongoing uploads. If needed, hosts can stop and restart recording within the session.


Real-time insight into network connection strength is accessible by clicking a participant's glasses (Stats for Nerds) icon during a session.


Participants can enhance successful uploads and renders by:

  • Disabling Incoming Video within session settings/names menu to conserve bandwidth.
  • Keeping SquadCast as the focused tab to prevent dropped frames and a/v de-synchronization caused by background tab throttling.
  • Restarting computers to stabilize network conditions, and considering incognito mode or alternative browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, or Edge, all compatible with SquadCast.
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