Troubleshooting no video or camera feed in SquadCast

Often this is because the intended equipment may not be selected as the default within the computer's OS sound/video settings. There are a couple of things we'd suggest checking/verifying to help. These suggestions are helpful for all participants using external equipment. 

Please also ensure any other apps like Zoom, MS Teams, or others are fully closed, as they can still run in the background after being closed. If open, it can create a conflict between the browser and app for equipment permissions, resulting in the device not being accessible.

Please also check to make sure that the browser you're using has access to your camera. It's also suggested that the browser used to be updated to the most current version as well.

Another great suggestion is to restart the computer before joining the session to ensure the best connection and most up-to-date permissions and to end any lingering processes that may be a hindrance to getting or staying connected. Another option is to try using an incognito tab in Chrome to anonymize browsing from any active web apps/extensions that may be creating or having an impact. Or try using any other browser to join and record; for greater accessibility, SquadCast is supported by most browsers. The latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Brave, and Edge all support SquadCast.

Not seen often, but we advise against participants using a VPN, Shared, Enterprise, Government, College & or Medical networks/computer/devices. These are typically highly controlled/secure environments that can block connectivity & recording functionality in SquadCast. More info regarding security can be found in our support article here: Network Connectivity & Security.

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