How to re-render a video in SquadCast that has not finished uploading or processing?

If a recording is still processing in SquadCast, a re-render can be tried. From your dashboard, expand the session data from your Recent Primary Recordings. Once you've located the session, expand the drawer to see your recordings, then click the manage recording icon to the right of the file you'd like to re-render. Then, click the options icon - a drop-down will populate with the Retry render option:




If a primary recording isn't available for any reason, you can download the session's cloud backup recordings - SquadCast continuously records Cloud backups of every session in case a primary recording is missing or fails to generate fully. This ensures the session host always has content from a session.

Cloud backups are available from your dashboard once all participants have left the session. If a session has just finished, it may take time for the cloud backups to become available after each participant leaves the session. Instructions for accessing Cloud backups can be found on the Access Cloud Audio + Video Recordings page.

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