Sound Good Actions

Underlord offers great pre-built options to help quickly edit and improve your script to help you sound good. 

Edit For Clarity

Edit for Clarity finds distracting words or off-topic parts in your project's script. You can either accept these changes and apply them directly to your script or copy the edited script into a new composition. Any edits will appear as ignored text, making it easy to see the changes made to your script.

Studio Sound

Studio Sound is a powerful feature that uses artificial intelligence to enhance speakers' voices while reducing and removing background noise, room echo, and other sounds you don't want.

Remove Filler Words

Underlord will analyze your script and identify unnecessary filler words like "um" and "uh". You can easily delete these from your transcript and audio or choose other removal options. You can learn more about removing filler words from a project.

Remove Retakes

Automatically detect and remove repeated takes from your recordings. So, if you're recording in Descript and make a mistake or want to redo a line in your script, just keep recording until you get it just right. Then, use Remove Retakes to eliminate the manual task of editing out multiple takes. When you apply the edits, Underlord will strikethrough the retakes and remove the associated video or audio. You can then restore or delete the ignored script.

Shorten Word Gaps

You can search for word gaps in your script and easily adjust pauses to fine-tune the pacing of the speech. You can view a list of all detected word gaps and have the flexibility to shorten all word gaps at once or to preview and adjust each gap individually. Learn more about adjusting word gaps.

Add Chapters

Underlord will automatically create titles and chapters for your video and audio project and add them as markers to your project. It quickly organizes your project into logical sections that help you and your audience navigate and engage with your content.

Once Underlord has generated a response, you have a few options:

  • Add to script: This will add the suggested markers to your project.
  • Add timestamps: Include each marker's timestamp at the start of the recommended chapter title.  You can then copy the chapters to your clipboard or add them with the timestamps to your project's script. 
  • Follow up:  Type and ask Underlord to refine your response until you get the exact chapters for your project.


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