SquadCast joins Descript

We're excited to announce SquadCast has joined Descript! SquadCast users can trade in their subscription for a Descript plan and get both recording and editing for the price of one. Descript users now get remote recording with SquadCast completely free with their Descript accounts.

Getting access to Descript and SquadCast

SquadCast’s remote recording technology will soon be built directly into Descript. Until then, you’ll need an account with both Descript and SquadCast. Don't worry, you'll have just one subscription that will be managed at Descript once you've linked accounts.

Don't have Descript or SquadCast accounts?

Sign up today to get started.

Below is a list of articles that will help you get your accounts linked and get you up and running with Descript and SquadCast.

Descript users

SquadCast users

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