How to avoid and resolve YouTube copyright strikes when using stock media

When you use stock media from Descript in your content and publish it to YouTube, that content may be flagged (sometimes mistakenly) by YouTube for copyright claims or strikes. Don't worry this guide will help you avoid and resolve these instances.

Steps to avoid and resolve copyright strikes

  • Fill out this form. Submitting the form will notify YouTube directly that you have the right to use the stock media commercially; it'll help prevent your videos from mistakenly being flagged for copyright claims or strikes.
  • If your content has already been flagged by YouTube for copyright, you can still fill out the form. By doing so, it will initiate the resolution of your copyright claim with YouTube.

It's important to remember that the copyright claim resolution might take some time and is dependent on YouTube's review process. 

Understanding commercial use of stock media

Descript's integrated libraries contain stock audio, video, images, and other media you can add to your content. Some of the media can be used commercially.

For more information, please see our terms of service. Understanding YouTube's copyright policy and copyright strikes can also be helpful to creators planning to use published content commercially. 

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