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Publishing to YouTube

To access the YouTube publishing menu, click the Publish button at the top-right corner of the Descript app, select the Publish tab and choose YouTube from the list of options.


When you choose to export your media to YouTube, you will first be prompted to publish your composition as a web page.

Before publishing, you'll have the opportunity to modify basic YouTube display settings for the description, tags, privacy settings and category. When complete, click the Sign in button.


You will be prompted to sign in to YouTube securely and authorize Descript to publish the content to your account. You may do so by clicking the Allow button.


After signing in, click Publish in the publishing panel. Your video will upload to your YouTube channel shortly after. Upload times vary depending on the length of the video.

Creating YouTube chapters from markers

Any markers in your composition will automatically be converted to Video Chapters when you publish directly to YouTube.

Title length limit when publishing to YouTube

Please note that Youtube's titles have a maximum length of 100 characters and must contain all valid UTF-8 characters except < and >. If your video title exceeds that character limit or invalid characters, your publish will fail.

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