Stock media

Descript offers a rich library of premium stock media that you can be use in your compositions and projects. You can find the stock media library in the Videos, GIFs, Images, and Audio via the Media and Music panels on the right-hand side of Descript.

Once you import stock media, Descript will create a project file that any composition in your project can reference.

Commercial use of integrated libraries

Descript includes a host of video, image, and audio integrations, including content from stock media providers Unsplash and GIPHY. While using stock media to create in Descript, there are some things to keep in mind for commercial projects:

  • Unsplash media is free and can be used for most commercial, personal, and editorial projects.
  • Any GIPHY gifs or stickers cannot be used commercially.
  • Other video, stock photos, stock illustrations, backgrounds, music, and sound effects may be included into works that you create including most commercial, personal, and editorial use.

You can find additional information on the commercial use of stock media in our Terms of Use and those of each integrated library:

Avoid or resolve YouTube copyright strikes

If your Descript content contains stock media and you publish to YouTube, please fill out this form. It will prevent your videos from mistakenly being flagged for copyright claims or strikes. If YouTube has already flagged your content, don't worry; you can fill out the form to resolve the claim. Remember: this only applies to stock media intended for commercial use.

Limitation on use of trademark, logo, and copyrighted content

Please note that some stock media may include depictions of trademarks, logos, or other copyrighted material. This content may be protected by trademark or copyright law and should be used at your own risk.

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