Generate AI images using Underlord

You can generate AI images using text prompts to create custom images for your content with the help of Underlord. Each time you enter a text prompt, Underlord will generate three 1024x1024 AI images. You can even generate variations based off of the first set of AI images you generate. 

How to generate AI images

  1. Open or create a project, then open the Underlord panel.
  2. Under the looks good section, choose Generate an image.
  3. Type anything you want in the text box and then choose Submit.
  4. If you'd like to generate variations of a specific image, select the regenerate icon 2023-06-26_15-12-48.png  in the bottom corner of any AI image you've generated.
  5. Simply select the image thumbnail to add the image to your current scene.

How many AI images can I generate?

  • You can enter 5 prompts (for 15 images) per minute. If you exceed that limit, please wait a few minutes before generating more images.
  • You can submit a max of 270 image generation requests per day.

How are AI images stored in Descript

Once you've generated a set of images, you can use them in any composition stored in the project where you created them. You can access the AI media from the Text to Image section of the Images tab of the Project panel. When you add an image to your composition, Descript will create a project file for that image and store it in the AI Assets folder in the Files section of the Project panel.

Content Policy

Descript's text-to-image feature is powered by Dall-E, and there are limitations to the type of content you can generate. Please don't try to generate images that aren't G-rated or that could cause harm. See Dall-E's content policy for more details


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