Troubleshooting Error: We're sorry - something's gone wrong

If you’re on this page, something bad has happened and we’re sorry. Below are some of the common issues people see, and suggestions that have helped people address those issues.

Fixes for Specific Error Messages

Look at the error message you received and see if any of them match some of the errors we’ve found solutions for:

ENOSPC: no space left on device

This error is telling you that there is not enough free hard drive space on your machine for our app to work. Descript requires a minimum 20gb of free hard drive space on your computer to function properly. Try freeing up some space on your hard drive and this error should disappear!

ENOENT: no such file or directory

This error is telling you that for some reason our app is having trouble locating the file. This is frustrating because in some cases you are able to verify that the file exists. We’re looking into why this happens sometimes, but meanwhile, try restarting your computer. It usually solves the issue.


The is an export error that happens occasionally. When it does, creating a new project with the same audio and video files copied and pasted into it will usually fix the problem.

General Fixes

Regardless of what error message you’re seeing, there are a few things that seem to help many problems:

Tried all of the above and still need help?

Please contact customer service with the details. Be sure to include the specific error message you saw, as well as a description of what you were trying to do.

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