My project isn't loading or opening

Descript app showing message 'Error loading project: remote asset do not exist'

If you’re not able to load or are seeing an error message when opening a project, there are a few things to try to resolve the issue.

Remove the downloaded project

Remove the locally downloaded project and then reopen it to resync your work.

Avoid data corruption

Please make sure to follow the steps in the linked article. Manually changing the locally stored Descript files could corrupt your project data.

Check your version history

Try opening a previous of your project. Click here to learn about restoring a project version.

Fully uninstall and reinstall the app
Click here to learn how to fully uninstall Descript.

Do you use the beta version of the app?

Projects created in the beta version of Descript may not open in the production version of the app.

Contact support

If none of the above troubleshooting steps worked, please contact support and we’ll take a look!

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