Effects overview

Descript comes with a suite of audio and video effects you can use to adjust the tone of your audio, add visual flair, or create unique combinations of effects. You can also adjust the properties of almost everything you bring into Descript. The following section covers everything you need to know about using effects in Descript.

Understanding how effects are applied in Descript will help you use them effectively and only when needed. You will add, remove, and adjust effects from the Layer panel.

Video effects

  • Use AI-powered Green Screen to remove your video recording’s background with a click, then put yourself in any setting you can imagine.
  • If you have a physical green screen or solid background, Chroma Key allows you to remove a specific color from your visual, creating a seamless and professional-looking result.
  • Add a dreamy, out-of-focus effect to your video by applying Blur.
  • Transform your video or image into an old-fashioned, vintage masterpiece using Film Grain to add visual noise.
  • Use Pixelate to create a digital or bit-style effect, adjusting the grid size to achieve the desired level of pixelation.
  • For a dynamic and action-packed look, use Zoom Blur to add a streaking blur effect to your visuals.
  • Control the color palette of your visual layer with Color Adjustment, adjusting brightness, saturation, and contrast to create the perfect effect.

Audio effects

  • Achieve professional-quality sound with AI-powered Studio Sound, which removes noise, enhances speech, and improves audio quality — in one click.
  • Smooth out the volume levels of your audio layer with Compressor, reducing the dynamic range between the loudest and quietest parts of your audio.
  • Avoid overdrive or distortion in your audio with Limiter, which catches the peaks or louder moments of your source audio file.
  • Improve the clarity and reduce unwanted background noise in your audio with EQ, a versatile tool for fine-tuning your audio tracks.
  • Use High Shelf EQ to boost or cut high-end frequencies in your audio, perfect for taming shrill recordings or clearing up muddy vocals.
  • Eliminate unwanted lower-frequency audio from your media clips with High-pass Filter, which is especially useful for removing electrical hum or wind noise.
  • Add low-end power or tame a boomy voice with Low Shelf EQ, which allows you to boost or cut low-end frequencies in your audio.
  • Use Low-pass Filter to remove high-frequency audio from your media clips, which is ideal for removing electromagnetic interference from recordings.
  • Fine-tune the frequency ranges of your audio with Parametric EQ, a powerful tool for creating a sonically cohesive audio track or removing problematic frequencies from a recording.
Composition audio properties

If you want to add an audio effect that applies to all the audio in your composition, you can do that by clicking the composition title at the top of the Script editor. Click here to learn more about composition audio properties.

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