When to use projects vs. compositions

Organization is key to ensuring a smooth video or audio production. When using Descript, you can organize whatever video or audio your working on into projects and compositions. In this article, we will explore the best practices for organizing your audio and video projects within Descript.

Understanding Projects and Compositions

Let's start by defining what are projects and compositions in Descript:

  • A project is what you're actively working on when creating a specific audio or video in Descript. It includes everything from the original files you import or record to the changes you make and the final piece you export.
  • A composition is what you'll eventually publish or export from Descript. Every project has at least one composition, but you can create multiple compositions in a project for special purposes like rough drafts, social clips, or alternate cuts. 

Choosing between projects and compositions

Now, the question arises: when should you create a project, and when should you create a composition? Here are some best practices to consider:

Multiple projects—create multiple projects for splitting up larger productions. For instance, if you're producing an entire podcast season or a suite of educational videos, make a separate project for each episode or video.

Multiple compositions—use multiple compositions when you need different versions, such as rough drafts, social clips, or various cuts of a project. For example, you created a cooking recipe video and you also want to create a shorter promotional video for that content. 

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