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Troubleshooting recorder issues

The vast majority of issues with recording in Descript can be resolved with one of these solutions. If you had a recording fail, check to see if the recording file can be recovered.

Your computer needs a restart

Especially on Windows, camera and audio devices can get tangled up by different apps, and the only way to fix it is a good old restart.

You’ve run out of memory

Check the Recommended system requirements - you need at least 8GB of RAM. Also try closing other applications that might be hogging system resources.

Check your camera permissions

If you are recording with your webcam or an external camera, make sure to give Descript permission to access the camera. Click to learn how to manage camera permissions on Windows or how to manage camera permissions on macOS

You need more hard drive space

We don’t recommend using Descript with less than 20GB of free space on your hard drive.

You have problems with your graphics card (Windows)

  • Make sure your GPU drivers are up-to-date. If your GPU drivers are up-to-date and still >2 years old, then you’ll probably still have issues and we don’t recommend recording video with Descript.
  • Make sure your GPU isn’t busted. Here’s a diagnostic process you can run on your GPU.

Your camera/mic recording source is causing problems

Sometimes Descript has problems with specific devices, like virtual cameras/microphones. Here’s the list of devices that we know cause problems. But if you’re using a third party microphone or camera or a virtual device, try switching to different devices and see if that helps.

There's an issue with the sample rate of your microphone

If you see an error message that mentions a sample rate problem, you can resolve it with this article: Unsupported sample rate

Problems sharing your recording

You’ve made a quick recording to share, but the video won’t play from the share page. Most of these issues can be addressed with one of the following three solutions.

Try republishing

Re-open quick recording project from the Quick Recordings tab in the drive, and then click the publish button.

Try copying your recording into another project and publish from there

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