Troubleshooting issues with Descript's in-app recorder

Issues with recording in Descript can typically be caused by a few different known issues. Check below for details on how you can make the most of your recording experience.

Review your system's available resources
You may find that many issues with recording in Descript can be resolved with one of these solutions.
  • Restart your computer - Especially on Windows, camera and audio devices can get tangled up by different apps, and the only way to fix it is a good old restart.
  • You’ve run out of memory - Check the Recommended system requirements (You need at least 8GB of RAM).
    • Also, try closing other applications that might be using up system resources.
  • Free up hard drive space - We don’t recommend using Descript with less than 20GB of free space on your hard drive.
Check your computer and recording hardware
Sometimes you may encounter problems with specific devices, like virtual cameras/microphones. Here’s the list of devices that we know cause problems.
  • Check your graphics card (Windows)Make sure your GPU drivers are up-to-date.
    • If your GPU drivers are up-to-date and they still have not had any updates in more than two years, then you’ll probably still have issues and we don’t recommend recording video with Descript.
  • Switch your camera/mic recording device - If you’re using a third-party microphone or camera, or a virtual device, try switching to different devices and see if that helps.
Your recording device is un-responsive or un-selectable
If you are recording with your webcam or an external camera, make sure to give Descript permission to access the camera. Click to learn how to manage camera permissions on Windows or how to manage camera permissions on macOS
Video color is not what you would expect in recordings
Local color settings applied to a built-in or external monitor, internal OS preference, or driver tools for a graphics card will not translate into a screen recording. You may want to try disabling those so that your color remains consistent. Then you can adjust the source material (what is being displayed on your screen) to better match your desired color values.
Music or voices sound slightly garbled after recording (macOS)
Newer versions of macOS Sonoma come with a new microphone mode called Voice Isolation. While it can improve voice intelligibility in certain circumstances, it can also cause your recordings to come through poorly. 
Recorder crashing on macOS Sonoma
In the event that Screen Sharing has been enabled on computers running MacOS Sonoma, there is a known issue that will cause the recording to crash when clicking the Stop Sharing button.

Steps for recovering a recording can be found in our article How do I recover a lost recording?

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