Recording remote interviews

In this article, we'll guide you through the process of recording a remote interview in Descript. Whether you're conducting your interview directly within Descript using SquadCast, or using a third-party application like Zoom or Google Meet, we'll cover the steps you need to seamlessly record your conversation for any purpose.

Use headphones

We highly recommended using headphones during recording. It will prevent audio feedback loops (high-pitched screeching) from your computer speakers and microphone.

Option 1: remote record with Descript

Descript comes with remote recording up to 4K. You can find are full guide on remote recording in Descript here

Option 2: use a third party app

To remote record using a third party app, you'll need to setup the recording both in Descript and the third pary app.

1. Descript Setup

  1. Open Descript and create a project
  2. At the top of the editor, click and open the Record icon Record panel
  3. Select Audio only, Camera, or Screen
  4. Click Settings gear icon Settings and make adjustments to your recording settings as needed. Learn more about recording settings
  5. Make sure Speaker icon computer audio is enabled
  6. Select your Microphone icon microphone input
  7. Click Input settings icon  Settings and decide if you want to enable Studio Sound or transcription (you can also apply these after recording). If you are using an audio interface and recording multiple microphones, you can add separate tracks for each external input
  8. If you'd like, add speaker labels by typing them in the text box next to your audio inputs and pressing Return (Mac) or Enter (Windows)

Descript recording panel with numbered steps for setting up your recording

2. Third-party app 

We recommend that you and your guests disable any audio processing features in the third party app before getting started. Communication apps like Zoom or Google Meet may apply filters, like noise or echo cancellation, to your and your guests' audio. If these effects are enabled while you record, they will be baked into the audio file, so you won't be able to remove them after recording. Here's how to set audio preferences in Zoom:

Zoom audio settings

  1. Start your Zoom meeting
  2. Select the ^ icon next to your microphone in the bottom left corner and select Audio Settings
  3. Select Original sound for musicians
  4. Enable High-fidelity music mode
  5. Disable Echo cancellation
  6. Have your guest follow steps 1 through 4

Zoom app with numbered steps for setting up recommended audio preferences when recording to Descript

3. Record your interview

Before you start your interview

We recommend following the steps below and doing a quick test recording to make sure all audio sources are being recorded into your Descript composition.

  1. In Descript, click the Record button  Record button across the bottom of the Record panel to start recording
  2. In your third party app, set your speaker or audio output to Descript Loopback Audio. If you've enabled automatic transcription in Descript, you should see the transcription generating in your composition as you record
  3. Press the Stop_recording_icon.png Stop button when you're done recording

Multitrack recording in Descript

While the transcript in Descript will look like it's just a single track, Descript actually creates what we call a sequence, so you can edit the tracks individually. It's nice for editing out crosstalk or coughs. Learn more about sequences.


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