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Studio Sound

Studio Sound is a powerful feature that uses artificial intelligence to enhance speakers' voices while reducing and removing background noise, room echo, and other sounds you don't want.

Before using this feature

  • You must be connected to the internet to apply Studio Sound to a project
    file or recording.
  • Studio sound can be applied to files that are up to 6 hours long.

You can enable Studio Sound from the Properties Panel under Audio effects.


Parameter Description


Intensity controls the amount of Studio Sound applied to a file

You can also apply Studio Sound when recording in the main editor or when using the Quick Recoder.

When you enable Studio Sound, a message will appear indicating that Studio Sound is being applied to the file. This may take several minutes, depending on the size of your file.


Studio Sound is applied to the project file

You can only apply Studio Sound to the entire source project file. This means all instances of that file in a project will be affected when you enable it.

Applying Studio Sound to a portion of a larger files

The best way to apply Studio Sound to just a specific portion of your file would be to use Duplicate to… to copy that file out to a new composition. Then, use the flatten tracks feature on that composition which will render a new source file with just the contents of that clip. You could apply studio sound to that newly generated file and replace the original section in your timeline with the enhanced file.

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