Project Panel

The Project panel offers a comprehensive set of tools for managing project files and media, streamlining the process of importing, organizing, and using various media types in your compositions. You can open the Project panel by clicking Project on the right-hand side. 

How the media library is organized

Understanding how project files are organized in Descript will help you navigate and manage project media effectively:

  • The Composition section shows all the compositions in your project.
  • The Files section contains all project files you import into your project and any recordings you've made.

Adding and interacting with your project files

Replacing and updating files

  • You can replace existing project files with new versions containing the same underlying content. This is especially useful when encountering issues with the current project file or needing to swap out a scratch track with a final version.
  • You can replace a project file's transcript in Descript, making it an excellent option for situations where you start with an automatic transcription and later decide to replace it with a pre-written transcript. 

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