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Video, audio, and image layers

Descript supports adding video, audio, and images to your compositions. There are a variety of ways to add this media in Descript:

Adding video

Adding audio

  • Record in the main editor
  • Add project files or stock music and sound effects from the media library
  • Drag and drop or upload audio files in your script, canvas, or timeline

Adding images

  • Add stock media images or import your own images from the media library
  • Drag and drop or upload images into your composition.

Adjusting layer order

If you add a visual layer to your scene, you can move it forward or backward from the Canvas. Just right-click on the visual and choose where you want to move it to in the scene. You can adjust the order of a visual, including shapes, waveforms, progress bars, and text


Removing a layer

To delete a layer from a scene, select it in your Script Editor or Canvas and press delete (macOS)or backspace (Windows). To delete a text layer spanning multiple scenes, select it in the timeline and press delete (macOS)or backspace (Windows).


Layer and clip properties

You can adjust your visual layer's position, size, orientation, and opacity from the Properties Panel. You can also change the start time, duration, speed and volume of individual clips from the Clips section.


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