Refund policy

Descript provides refunds for your plan if canceled and requested within 48 hours of the invoice date. To request a refund:

  1. Submit a request to our Support Team.
  2. Include the email address associated with your Descript account in your request.

Subscription cancellations

Suppose you cancel or downgrade your plan partway through the billing cycle. In that case, cancellations are not prorated and your plan will terminate at the end of your current billing cycle. Changing your billing cycle partway through the subscription period is also not prorated. It will take place at the end of your current billing cycle.

So that users may begin using enhanced features, upgrading from a Creator to a Pro plan will apply the changes immediately, and proration will be applied for the unused time on Creator. Downgrading from Pro to Creator or from Pro to Free will be scheduled for the end of the current billing period with no proration.

Automatic transcriptions

Automatic transcriptions are billed per minute of recorded audio (not per minute of voice content) for each submitted track. This means that if you submit two files containing different speakers of the same interview, and each file is 60 minutes long, 120 minutes will be deducted from your monthly transcription allotment.

Please note that refunds are not provided for accidental or duplicate transcriptions, or if an automatic transcription file, or the project containing it, is deleted before or after the transcript has arrived. Project deletion is a permanent action and cannot be undone. If for any reason your audio or video fails to transcribe, you will be prompted to retry the transcription or you may reach out to Customer Support for assistance.

Additional transcription minutes

Descript does not provide refunds of additional transcription minute purchases (one-time boosts).

Editor adding new editor members

If an editor adds an unapproved or unwanted editor member to a team drive, the drive owner can request a refund within 7 days of the invoice date. To request a refund:

  1. Submit a request to our Support Team.
  2. Have the drive owner submit the request from their Descript account email.

Keep in mind that if the drive owner wants to review and approve or decline adding editor members, they can enable the manual approval setting for editor invitations.

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