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How to delete your Descript account

Account deletion is a permanent action

This action permanently deletes your entire account and is non-reversable. Your data, projects, compositions and every drive associated with your account’s email address will be removed from our system. Once this action is complete, your email address will no longer exist in Descript and you will need to sign-up as a new user.


If you would like to delete your Descript account:

  1. Visit https://web.descript.com/account or open the app and view the Profile tab under your Account setting.


  2. Select Delete account; this will open up an alert window warning you that deleting the account is permanent.

  3. Choose Delete account from the alert window.

Alternatives to deleting your account

If you are trying to cancel or downgrade your Descript subscription to a Free or other plan, please see our article on canceling or downgrading your Descript subscription.

If you are trying to remove one of your drives from your account, but still want to remain a Descript customer, please reach out to Descript Support.


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