Customize your profile image and name

If you would like to change the name on your profile or add a custom profile image:
  1. Sign into your account from the app or the web, then select your profile picture in the top right corner of the Drive view.
  2. Select Settings icon Settings.
  3. Select the Profile tab.
  4. Next to the Profile image line item, click your current profile picture on the right. Then select the image from your computer that you would like to use, and click Open.
  5. Next to the First name and Last name line items, click the text boxes and enter in the name you would like to use for your profile.

    Changing the Profile image and Profile name in the App settings
Profile image is used for Custom branding

Changing your profile image will also change the branding image that shows up on pages that are published from your drive if you have Custom branding enabled. Click here to learn more about Custom branding.

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